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Date and Time of Release: 11 December 2014

Date and Time of Incident: 10 December 2014

Subject: Search Warrant & Felony Arrests

4 November 2014, several storage sheds and containers belonging to the City of Sonora were burglarized. Among the items stolen was a large amount of ammunition and firefighting equipment.

10 December 2014, Aaron Jess, 31 of Sonora went to a local gun dealer and attempted to sell some of the stolen ammunition. The gun dealer contacted the police department, and Jess was contacted and detained. Jess was also in the possession of a large amount of methamphetamine, and other items indicating he was selling methamphetamine. Jess was also in possession of a bullet proof vest.

A search warrant was obtained for Jess’s residence located on the 500 block of Sonora Ave. in Sonora. Information was developed that a felon was living in the residence, and there were loaded firearms inside the residence.

Assisting in the service of the search warrant were members of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, Cal Fire Law Enforcement Division, and the Tuolumne County District Attorney’s Office.

As a result of the search warrant additional stolen ammunition was located, along with a large amount of other stolen property from the burglaries. In addition, two loaded firearms and methamphetamine were located inside the residence. The drugs were accessible to four young children living in the residence, age’s three to eleven.

Located inside the residence and arrested on felony charges were;

Jacob Gosselin, 30 of Sonora who is a convicted felon. Jacob Gosselin was identified as being an accomplice in the burglaries and in possession of stolen property. He has felony convictions for escape, burglary, auto theft, felon in possession of ammunition, and evading.

Christopher Botts, 42 and Michayla Botts, 19, both of Sonora, were in possession of stolen property related to the burglaries.

Deanna Gosselin, 31 of Sonora, was in possession of stolen property and methamphetamine.

Deanna and Jacob Gosselin are the parents of the four children located inside the residence. The children were turned over to the care of Tuolumne County Child Protective Services.

It is estimated that over $10,000 in stolen property was recovered. The investigation into this matter is continuing.