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Date and Time of Release: 28 Jan. 08
Date and Time of Incident:
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Vehicle Burglaries

During the past three weeks the Sonora Police Department has seen an alarming increase in vehicle burglaries. Some of these thefts have been crimes of opportunity, where the owner of the vehicle left their vehicle unlocked and someone entered the vehicle and removed valuable items. In other cases, the owner of the vehicle left in plain view, valuable items such as; laptops, PDA’s, wallets, checkbooks, handbags, cell phones ext. In these cases the thief broke out one of the vehicles windows, then reached in and removed the item. The Sonora Police Department would like to remind you that you should always lock your vehicle. Even if you are running into a store for a minute, as it only takes seconds for someone to open a car door and go through your belongings. The Police Department is also asking that you store all your valuable items out of sight when you park your vehicle. You can do this by placing the items in the truck, under seats or in compartments inside the vehicle. This will keep a thief from seeing the items and smashing a window out to get to them. If you see suspicious people hanging in and around parking lots or parked vehicles, please call the police department immediately. Some of the activity to look for are; people walking around looking into vehicles; people trying door handles of several cars; people acting like they are locked out of their own car. The Sonora Police Department is asking for anyone who has information about the recent vehicle burglaries to call the Sonora Police Department at (209) 532-8141. For more information on this release contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.