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Date and Time of Release: 7 Feb. 08
Date and Time of Incident: 6 Feb. 08 at approx. 12:22 pm
Subject: Felony drug driving accident and child endangerment arrest.

6 Feb. 08 at approx. 12:22 pm a traffic accident occurred in Sonora on Mono Way, just east of the Greenly Rd. intersection. Witnesses stated that the driver of a 2007 Toyota Corolla, who was identified as Victoria Etiz, 44 of Sonora, had earlier attempted to drive up an off ramp of highway 108, but at the last minute, made a U turn on the bypass and exited back onto Mono Way. Etiz then failed to stop for a red traffic light at the end of the off ramp, as she exited Mono Way. Etiz then turned westbound onto Mono Way and started traveling at a very high rate of speed according to witnesses. The driver of the second vehicle observes Etiz approaching them at a high rate of speed, so they attempted to move to the far left, knowing that Etiz would be unable to stop before colliding with them. However, even with their efforts of the second driver to avoid Etiz, Etiz still collided with them. The driver of the second vehicle complained of back and neck pain following the collision. Etiz was contacted, along with her 5 year old son, who was a passenger in the vehicle. Etiz was determined to be under the influence. A preliminary alcohol screening test showed Etiz’s blood alcohol to be almost 4X’s above the legal limit. Etiz was placed under arrest and transported to the Tuolumne Count Jail and book. Her son was turned over to Child Welfare Services. Etiz was booked for;

  • Felony Child Endangerment
  • Felony Drunk Driving, Causing An Injury

Contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.