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Date and Time of Release: 20 Feb. 2009
Date and Time of Incident:
Wrong Phone Number in New Phone Book

The Sonora Police Department would like to clarify an error in the recently released and delivered Valley Yellow Pages. In the Business & Residence White Pages, on Page 2, under AT&T California, it lists for all Repair Calls to call 911. This is not correct. 911 Is for emergencies only and is not for repair requests or to be used to report phone outages or problems. The correct phone number for these types of services is 611. During the recent snow storm the Sonora Police Department dispatch center was inundated with 911 calls from people wanting to report phone problems and issues. Several of them stated they were calling the phone number listed in the Valley Yellow Pages, which they had just received. The Sonora Police Department confirmed that the 911 number was listed as the number to call in the phonebook for phone repairs and service. Once again, the Sonora Police Department would like to remind everyone that 911 is for life threatening emergencies only and not for phone problems or issues. If you should have a phone problem or issue you may call 611 or 800-288-2020 for residential customer use or 800-750-2355 for business use. For more information contact Chief Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.