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Date and Time of Release: 27 Feb. 08
Date and Time of Incident: 26 Feb. 08 at 1:40 pm
Subject: Juvenile Huffing DUI Arrest

26 Feb. 08 at approx. 1:40 pm, officers from the Sonora Police Department responded to Mono Way in the area of King’s View for a reported vehicle accident. When officers arrived they learned that the 16 year old female driver had fled the scene of the accident on foot. She was later located near the old Tuolumne County Hospital and took her into custody.

During the investigation, officers learned that the female driver was driving eastbound on Mono Way, with two teenage male passengers (16 & 17), all of whom are students at Sonora High School. As the teenagers were driving, they were “huffing” a computer cleaner called “Dust Off.” Because of the affects of “huffing,” the female driver lost control of her vehicle, which left the roadway, ran over the sidewalk and struck a concrete wall. Nobody was injured in this accident and no other vehicles or pedestrians were involved.

The female driver was arrested for driving under the influence, driving without a license and hit and run. One of the passengers was arrested for possession on an inhalant with the intent to inhale and the other passenger was released to a parent. Another 17 year old male arrived at the scene of the accident while the officers were investigating it and he was arrested for being a minor in possession of an alcohol beverage.

“Huffing” the computer cleaner “Dust Off” is an increasing problem in larger metropolitan areas. It is referred to sometimes as “Dusting.” Huffing causes a short term high and is extremely dangerous. The chemicals in the cleaner “Dust Off” is known to kill brain cells and damage other internal organs. The damage it causes is irreversible. “Huffing” “Dust Off” has also been linked to immediate deaths of juveniles. During the last few years, there have been several news articles on the dangers of “Huffing” these types of office products.

For more information contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.