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Date and Time of Release: 17 March 08
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Sonora Police Department Moves Forward With Technology Grant

July 2006, the Sonora Police Department was awarded a technology grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). There were three phases to this grant. Phase one was the purchase of new digital cameras for all the officers. Phase two was the installation of Mobile Data Computers (MDC) in all the patrol vehicles. Phase three will be the purchase and installation of a new police dispatch radio system.

The Sonora Police Department is pleased to announce the completion of phase two of this grant. Several months of research went into this project. The Sonora Police Department looked at several systems during its research. The systems ranged in price and technology from very simple and cheap to very elaborate costing over a million dollars.

Because of the unique terrain in Sonora, the department was limited on what systems could be installed. The final decision was to utilize a Dell semi tough notebooks, support by an AT&T cell phone air cards to transmit the information to the vehicles.

The system has been installed and all patrol officers have been issued a Dell notebook and trained in the new system. Now when an officer is on patrol the notebook allows the officer to check, from their patrol vehicle for; calls for service, allows them to close out calls, receive and send emails on the departments records system, access all department records and photographs, have access the internet for research.

If the office needs a notebook for a project, they can remove the notebook from the patrol car and use it to develop power point presentations, complete research, or they can write reports from an off site location and send them to the office.

Most agencies already have some form of this technology in their patrol vehicles. However, the distinct difference between their systems and the system the Sonora Police Department has installed is the fact the officers can remove the notebook and have access to all the above listed items from anywhere there is cell phone services.

Monday 17 March 08, the Sonora Police Department will be conducting a demonstration for the Sonora City Council at approx. 5 pm. If you are unable to attend this event and would like further information or a demonstration please contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.