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Date and Time of Release: 26 March 08
Date and Time of Incident: 25 March 08 at approx. 12:46 pm
Subject: Injury Vehicle Accident at High School

Auto Accident

25 March 08 at approx. 12:46 pm, officers from the Sonora Police Department responded to Sonora High School regarding an injury vehicle accident. Upon the officer’s arrival, they noticed that at 2000 Mercury Mountaineer had flown off an elevated ramp in the high school parking lot and collided with a parked 86 GMC van, which in turn rolled onto a parked 1997 Honda. All vehicles sustained major damage as a result of the accident.

Officer’s contacted the driver of the Mercury. The 16 year old passenger related that the vehicle belonged to his father and that he had allowed his 15 year old unlicensed friend to drive the vehicle. The 15 year old friend told officers that he was showing off in the parking lot and lost control of the vehicle, which flew off the elevated ramp and crashed into the van. The 16 year old passenger complained of pain to his right shoulder, but refused medical treatment.

The accident is still under investigation. Photo of accident scene attached.

For more information contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.