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Date and Time of Release: 3 April 08
Date and Time of Incident: 2 April 08 at 9:20
Subject: False Imprisonment Arrest

Jason Thrift
2 April 08 at approx. 9:20 pm Ashley Cockeram, 24 of La Grange arrived at the Police Department with her 5 year old daughter. Both were extremely emotionally upset. Cockeram and her daughter told officers that they were visiting Cockeram’s boyfriend Jason Thrift, 25 of Sonora, and that Thrift wouldn’t let them leave his residence.

Cockeram related that when she went to leave Thrift became very upset and blocked her path from exiting the residence. She then attempted to call for help on her cell phone, but Thrift took her cell and vehicle keys from her and refused to give them back to her. Thrift then grabbed Cockeram by both her arms and wouldn’t release her.

When Thrift did release Cockeram, she picked her daughter up and attempted to exit the residence a second time. This time Thrift grabbed Cockeram from behind and placed her in a bear hug. Thrift squeezed Cockeram and her daughter so hard that they had difficulty breathing. Cockeram estimated that Thrift held her inside his residence against her will for approx. 40 minutes, before finally letting her go.

Thrift, who is currently on probation for domestic batter, was contacted at his residence where he was taken into custody without incident. Thrift was transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for;

  • False imprisonment
  • Child endangerment/abuse
  • Domestic batter
  • Disrupting a telephone line

For more information contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.