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Date and Time of Release: 28 May 08
Date and Time of Incident: 28 May 08 at 2:09 am
Subject: Drug arrest

On 28 May 08, at approx. 2:09 am, an officer from the Sonora Police Department stopped a Pontiac Firebird on Lyons Rd. near the intersection of Barretta St. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Eveline Williams, 42 of Sonora.

While the officer was talking with Williams, he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath and noticed she was unstable while standing. Williams failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

As the officer was conducting an inventory search of Williams’ vehicle, he located an egg shaped container. When the officer opened the container, he noticed a white substance, which was later determined to be cocaine.

Williams was transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for;

  • Felony possession of a controlled substance
  • Felony transportation of a controlled substance
  • Misdemeanor driving under the influence

For more information contact Lt. Stinson at the Sonora Police Department, phone (209) 532-8141.