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Date and Time of Release: 16 June 09
Date and Time of Incident: 15 June 09 at approx. 9:56 am
Subject: Assault with a deadly weapon arrest.

15 June 09 at approx. 9:56 am, officers responded to a reported verbal altercation on the 100 block of South Washington St., as officers were responding to this location, they were advised that the altercation had changed locations and now involved a truck running over a motorcyclist.

Officers responded to the new location, which was Stockton Rd. and West Bradford St. Officers contacted numerous people at the scene. Most of the statements the officers received were conflicting on what had occurred.

However, it was determined that Jesse Cal Rodes, 26 of Sonora was westbound on Stockton Rd. in a Ford F350 truck, when he observed another subject eastbound on Stockton Rd. riding a Honda motorcycle.

When the subjects saw each other, they both turned around. The motorcycle rider turned up west Bradford and turned around and was coming down the yield westbound entrance on Stockton Rd., when Rodes drove across the road into the opposing lane of traffic and up the wrong way of the yield lane. Both vehicles collided and the motorcycle sustained major damage. The rider of the motorcycle refused medical treatment.

Rodes was arrested and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail, where he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon. This incident appears to be centered around the motorcyclist x-girlfriend, who Rodes is now dating.