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Date and Time of Release: 16 June 09
Date and Time of Incident: Last two days
Subject: Mountain Lion sightings

The Sonora Police Department has been advised of three different sightings of a mountain lion over the past two days. The sightings have been on Mono Way, Morningstar Drive and Greenly Rd., near Lyons Bald Mountain Rd. The lion has been described as a large lion, approx. 120-140 pounds.

Mountain lions are frequently observed in the Sonora area, but normally near the fall months. The animals travel great distances and are normally only in the area for a few weeks before moving on to a different area.

The Sonora Police Department would like to remind everyone they should not leave small children unattended. You should also bring small pets in at night, as they sometimes fall victim to lions. Lions sometimes become aggressive, but there have been no reports of this particular animal showing those signs, nor has the Police Department received any reports of it killings any animals inside the City.

If you should see a lion, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Department of Fish and Game.