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Date and Time of Release: 3 October 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 2 October 2012

Subject: Stolen Property Arrest

10-2-2012, at approximately 8:08am, Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for mechanical violations. Upon contacting the driver, who was identified as Trina Jones, 34 of Sonora, the Officers could smell marijuana emitting from vehicle. Jones admitted to having several “joints” in the ashtray.

The passenger identified himself as Ray Eshaya. A records check showed a near miss on a subject with a similar last name and date of birth. The passenger was eventually identified as Eshaya Eshaya, 48 of Modesto, through tattoos and his identification card, which was located inside the vehicle. Eshaya had given a false name because he had a felony theft warrant for his arrest out of Stanislaus County.

During a search of the vehicle, marijuana cigarettes and additional marijuana were located. Upon searching the trunk a new generator was located. Both Jones and Eshaya provided conflicting stories regarding how the generator was obtained.

An Officer called the Sonora OSH. OSH informed the Officer that they had a generator, matching the one in the vehicle, recently stolen. Through further investigation it was confirmed the generator in the vehicle was in fact the one stolen from OSH.

Surveillance video was reviewed by OSH and Officers and it was determined that both Jones and Eshaya worked together to steal the generator on the afternoon of 9-25-2012. Both Jones and Eshaya were arrested. Jones was booked for felony burglary, felony possession of stolen property and felony conspiracy to commit a crime. Eshaya was booked for the felony warrant, felony theft, felony possession of stolen property, felony conspiracy to commit a crime and misdemeanor false identification.