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15 October 2011, Rite-Aid reported a theft of merchandise from their store. When an officer viewed Rite-Aid’s video surveillance of the theft, the Officer recognized the suspect as Dylan Lay, 39 of Sonora. The video showed Lay stealing merchandise from the store then returning the stolen items for store credit.

16 October 2011, Officer’s went to Lay’s residence to contact him regarding the theft from Rite-Aid. When Officers arrived at the residence, the front door was open. Officers stood at the open doorway and observed Lay on a computer altering a scanned receipt from Wal-Mart.

Officers contacted Lay, who refused officers permission to search the house. A search warrant was obtained and all the items purchased from Rite-Aid, with the credit from the returned stolen items, was recovered. Credit cards in other people’s names were also recovered, along with a stolen check that had been altered.

Lay was taken into custody and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked for;
Felony possession of stolen property
Felony forgery
Misdemeanor theft

The investigation into this matter is continuing.