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Date and Time of Release: 12 March 2012

Date and Time of Incident: 6 March 2012

Subject: Theft Suspect Identified

6 March 2012, Sonora High School reported the theft of $3,700 in cash. During the investigation into this matter a person of interest was developed. The day following an interview with this person, they returned all of the cash, along with a letter of resignation.

11 March 2012, this subject was interviewed again, this time regarding other stolen property from the high school. The subject admitted to taking other property and returned $6,700 worth of stolen property, which had been taken over the past six months from the high school. The items included new digital cameras and lenses, new tools taken from the auto shop, wireless microphones, and amplifiers.

The suspect is remorseful for their actions and is cooperating with the Sonora Police Department in this investigation. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.