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Date Incident: 4-11-2016

Subject: Threats Arrest

9 April 2016, at approx. 7:22 pm, three students from Sonora High School came to the police department to report a possible planned school shooting. The students related Elijah Perez, 20 of Sonora, was making threats about carrying out a school shooting and threatening to kill three specific students.

The students showed officers Twitter messages Perez had sent. The Twitter messages were all centered on Perez carrying out a school shooting, plus targeting three students. In his messages, Perez referenced being on the news for killing students, and going to prison for the shooting.

The students feared Perez had access to firearms. They also felt he was capable of carrying out his threats. The students thought Perez was going to target the Every 15 Minute presentation when students would be massed together.

Officers contacted Perez at his residence regarding the threats. Perez admitted to making the threats via twitter. He also admitted to Tweeting he was going to shoot up the school, as well as target three specific students. A search of Perez’s residence only revealed a pellet gun. Perez was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail where he was booked for felony making criminal threats. No other subjects appeared to be involved in the threats.

This is an open and ongoing investigation.