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Date and Time of Release: 16 December 2010

Date and Time of Incident: Past Few Days

Subject: Vandalisms

The Sonora Police Department has experienced an alarming rise in reported vandalisms within the past few days. Several parked vehicles and one local business has had windows shot out. Although these incidents were reported separately, we believe they are linked.

The damage to the windows appears to have been caused by either a pellet or BB gun. Most of the incidents have occurred around the area of Sonora High School. One of the vehicles was parked in front of a pre-school facility, at the time the window was shot out. So far, there have been a total of ten vehicles damaged. The total value of damage is estimated to be in the thousands.

There have been no witnesses and currently there are no suspects in this matter. However, we believe the suspect or suspects are driving by in a vehicle and shooting at their intended targets from inside their vehicle, making it very difficult to spot the illegal activity.

We are requesting that anyone with information regarding these vandalism to contact the Sonora Police Department. If you notice any suspicious vehicles, persons or activity, do not make contact with them, try and obtain a good description, license plate number, etc., and notify the Sonora Police Department immediately.