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On 3/11/19, two victims reported tools were stolen from their work trucks near downtown Sonora. One vehicle had tools (approx. value of $1000) taken from locked tool boxes on the bed of the truck. The other vehicle had items (approx. value of $600) left in the open bed of the truck. There were no further leads at this point.

On 3/12/19, one of the victims noticed his tools being advertised for sale Facebook. He and the other victim (who were friends) set up a meeting with the person advertising the tools for sale. They confronted the man who then admitted to the theft and took the victims back to his apartment where he returned most of the items he stole.

On 3/17/19, Sonora Police Officers conducted follow-up on the vehicle burglary and thefts from vehicles in the city.

Shawn Christopher Dunn, 25 of Sonora, was arrested and booked on charges of burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, and violation of probation. Dunn is listed as a suspect in two other cases involving thefts from vehicles and charges are being sought against him.