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On November 16th shortly before 1:00 AM, Sonora Police Officers responded to 768 Mono Way, Lisa Nails and Spa, for a report of a vehicle theft in progress. When officers arrived on scene they met with the owner of the vehicle, who had been working on remodeling the inside of Lisa Nails and Spa. The vehicle owner pointed to his blue Chevy pickup and told officers that there was a man inside his truck. The owner also told officers the truck had been moved about several feet from its last location. Officers found Evan Dale Underwood, 27 years old of Columbia, hiding inside the cab of the truck. The door was locked and Underwood would not respond to the officers’ commands to step out of the vehicle. The owner provided officers with keys to the truck. Officers were able to unlock the truck and opened the driver’s door. Underwood failed to comply with officers’ commands to exit the truck and was placed at Taser point by one officer. Officers had to forcefully remove Underwood from the truck and struggled with him prior to taking him into custody. Underwood was arrested for vehicle theft and transported to the Tuolumne County Jail. There were no injuries sustained to Underwood or the officers as a result of this incident.