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On October 27, 2017, at about 0118 hours, an associate working at Walmart called in to report suspicious circumstances occurring in the parking lot. The reporting party advised there were subjects in the parking lot looking into cars and pulling on door handles. Officer Hankins arrived on scene and contacted two males and a female near two vehicles in the parking lot. Through subsequent investigation Justin Brown was found to have an 11″ fixed blade knife concealed in his pants pocket, and a warrant for his arrest. Michael Wagoner provided false information to the responding officer, and was in possession of black tar heroin. Wagoner also had two warrants for his arrest. The third subject was released from the scene. No victims of any vehicle burglaries were found, and no cars were believed to have been entered by the suspects. Brown was booked at Tuolumne County Jail with a total bail amount of $14,000.00. Wagoner was booked at Tuolumne County Jail with total bail amount of $18,000.00. Sonora Police Department thanks the reporting party for seeing something suspicious and alerting the authorities.