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Date Incident: 17 June 2016

Subject: Felony Arrest

17 June 2016, at approx. midnight, Officers responded to Wal-Mart for a report of a suspicious subject in a vehicle parked in the parking lot. Officers arrived and contacted a male inside the vehicle who they knew from prior contacts.

After talking with the male inside the vehicle, staff from Wal-Mart advised the Officer that a female associated with the vehicle was inside the store acting suspicious as well. They related the female had a shopping cart full of items and felt she was going to perform a push out theft of the items.

As the Officer walked inside the business, the female subject saw him. She abandoned the shopping cart full of items and ran out the front of the store. The Officer gave chase, and ordered her to stop several times, but she kept running. The Officer was able to catch, and finally detain the subject. An open blade knife was located in her waistband, along with a stolen Go Phone from the store. She also had an X-Acto knife in her pocket. The female was wearing a men’s camouflage boonie hat with hair extensions attached to the hat, along with a fake mustache and eyebrows to alter her appearance.

The female claimed to be someone else. However, the Officer recognized her as Nicole Cash, 28 of Sonora. Cash was identified by tattoos and eventually by fingerprints. A check on Cash revealed she had three (3) outstanding felony warrants. One was a “no bail” warrant for three (3) counts of identity theft. She also had six (6) outstanding misdemeanor warrants, ranging from drug possession to theft.

Cash was transported to the Tuolumne County Jail and booked on the nine (9) warrants. She was also booked for new charges of felony possession of a dagger, felony false impersonating another, misdemeanor shoplifting, plus obstructing an Officer.

Cash had no identification in her possession, nor did she have any means with her to pay for the items she had placed in the shopping cart.



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